Parental Alienation

What is parental alienation? Parental alienation is a term which arises frequently in the context of child contact disputes. But what does it mean? And how do the courts deal with it? Sometimes during the course of a child contact dispute, a child expresses strong negative views about one of their parents (usually, but not … Continued

Our specialist enfranchisement paralegal Jaime Burgess has given an expert insight for the News on the Block Q&A, answering the vital question “Do I need a lease extension?” In this article, Jaime explains when and why obtaining a lease extension is advisable, and provides a useful explanation of the costs involved. Read the full article … Continued

The answer to this question is a frustrating one for many clients, because the short answer is: “it depends!” Provided that you can satisfy the court that the marriage has irretrievably broken down, the process of obtaining a divorce is usually quite straightforward. In theory, a simple divorce could take just a couple of months. … Continued

Spanish speaking family lawyers Alicia Cenizo, Partner and head of our Family Department speaks Spanish fluently and is able to assist Spanish speaking clients with their matrimonial, financial and children related issues. Her father is Spanish, from Zamora in Castilla Leon, Spain and so Alicia grew up with and has been immersed in the Spanish … Continued

Whilst I am sure every child is excited for their forthcoming summer break, filled with the prospects of activities, sunshine, late nights and lack of homework….for many parents the feeling is more one of apprehension and, sometimes, dread as to how they are going to arrange child care, juggle their time with the children and … Continued

The last major reforms in UK divorce law took place almost 50 years ago, with the passing of the Matrimonial causes Act 1973. The slow pace of reform in the matrimonial sector has long been bemoaned by family solicitors, who are generally quick to point out that whilst divorce law has barely changed in the … Continued

Deed of variation

What’s a deed of variation and what are they used for? A deed of variation, in simple terms, is a formal legal document which is drafted and intended to vary another formal document, generally also drafted as a deed. Under English law, historically, certain types of documents had to be drafted as deeds, complying with … Continued

Small business solicitors Streathers are an ideal size and type of law firm to advise and assist small businesses. But why do we say this and what do we mean? For many small business owners, of which there are several million in the UK with turnover of less than £1million a year, finding the right … Continued