Company and Commercial Services

Drafting or reviewing a commercial agreement provides a great opportunity to focus on what is important to you and your business. At Streathers, we help you make the most of this opportunity.

You will have agreed the headline terms and will want us to express these terms clearly, to advise you on ways to improve your position and to protect your interests if things do not go to plan – and to do this in line with your time and cost requirements.

Commercial services include:

  • the initial partnership and shareholder agreement: who is going to bring what to the venture?
  • terms of business: what exactly are you offering to do, and how and when will you be paid?
  • more specific agreements to expand your business by acquisition or merger, to exploit your intellectual property or to appoint an agent or distributor
  • the exit arrangements; either a tax efficient deal for you, or a compromise agreement for a departing employee or partner.

Our motivation is to support you, and to work with you as your business interests develop in the years ahead.


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