Employment Law

Every business appreciates the importance of its employees and employment law: the challenge is to allocate the time and resources to incentivise your best employees and manage any under-achievers. We can help you refocus on your most valuable assets.

You do not have to wait until you are taking on a new employee, or having to deal with a problem, before instructing Streathers. We are available to encourage you to have the contracts, policies and procedures in place, and the commitment to those procedures, so that you can reduce the possibility of losing a good employee or facing an expensive claim in the future.

By representing both employers and employees, we have practical experience of the concerns faced by both sides when completing employment contracts and the tactics deployed by both sides when problems arise.


You will usually have agreed the salary and the employee’s role and want us to advise you on other issues to consider before finalising a contract. Our lawyers have experience of contracts in most business sectors and the range of incentive schemes, from straightforward bonus payments to complex share options. We will advise you on the provisions to govern your ongoing relationship and the important restrictive covenants to protect the employer’s business if the employee leaves.


The termination of any employment may be a traumatic experience for the employer, the employee and the other employees in the business. We help you manage the situation and minimise the negative effect on you, your business and your reputation.

You may want advice on how best to deal with the situation tactfully or, where possible, to depersonalise issues with a view to a compromise and to you being able to move on as soon as possible. However, if compromise is not possible, our litigators have a reputation for a tenacious approach to any dispute and will support you throughout the process, keeping you fully advised of the issues and the costs arising. If you prefer to run the case yourself before the Employment Tribunal, we are on hand for any specific advice you may require from time to time.


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