No fault divorce

The Justice Secretary announced today that he will be following the majority opinion of over 600 responses to the consultation on changing the law to allow for divorce to be FAULTLESS.

Couples wishing to end their marriage will no longer have to accuse the other of causing the breakdown by reference to their behaviour or adultery and for those opposed to blame, they will not need to wait 2 years after separating either. This is huge news in terms of facilitating divorce when the parties want to try to salvage a relationship with one another for the sake of their children without the need to accuse the other party of acting unreasonably which in itself can be the initiating factor in causing animosity.

The changes that will come into force once Parliament has time to formalise them, will also include a minimum period for the divorce process of 6 months and an opportunity to make a joint application.

For now the blame game remains but our team of divorce solicitors are happy to talk through the current law with you with a view to reaching amicable resolution in any event. Who knows when government will have the time to deal with these changes, in a busy schedule prioritising Brexit!

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