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When a relationship breaks down, reaching an agreement on the outcome of the divorce or separation can be particularly challenging. Due to the level of emotion involved, it is easy for discussions to develop into disputes.

When legal advice is not sought early enough, these can quickly escalate into costly court battles that only aid in dividing the family further.

Once we identify the best approach for our clients, we work to achieve an outcome that not only meets the client’s needs but secures a stable and promising future for the family.

Key specialisms of our family lawyers

Securing the best divorce settlement – in many cases, this will mean the most money, but other factors can be important including taking a commercial view on saving costs when needs can be met from proposed settlement terms. Where it is possible and appropriate to do so, we will always assist clients to strive for an agreement amicably outside of court, potentially via methods of alternative dispute resolution and helping clients to consider and prepare for mediation. We can assist in converting agreed settlement terms into a court order, including provisions for a clean break if appropriate and dismissing future claims.

International divorce – Issues can range from which country’s court has jurisdiction, to assets situated abroad, concerns about relocation or abduction of a child.

Children law – including where children will live, financial provision for children, establishing or increasing contact, and failure by a parent to comply with a contact agreement or order.  We also advise on adoption and special guardianship law and process.

Unmarried couples – we offer advice to both unmarried couples who intend to cohabit together including those who wish to enter into a cohabitation agreement, and unmarried couples who are separating including advice regarding any children issues.

Future Proofing – we prepare and advise on pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements with a view to protecting or ring-fencing assets as well as providing for the parties and any children ahead of time.

Surrogacy and Parental Orders – Surrogacy is becoming an increasingly common way to conceive a child; we now offer advice on the process and how to obtain parental orders.


Why choose Streathers divorce & family law solicitors?

We have a well established reputation as specialist lawyers. The best way to find out why you should choose Streathers is to speak to us.  The personal relationship between lawyer and client is always important but never more so than with family law.

Regardless of how sensitive or complicated the matter, we work with passion and determination to ensure the final outcome meets a client’s needs. We always encourage solutions that consider the needs of the whole family — and in particular the best interests of children.

For practical assistance and high quality family law advice, please contact a member of our experienced family team.

Our specialist solicitors can help with both UK and international legal issues.

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