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Today is World Mental Health Day 2023 – which means that there will be articles popping up on social media and no doubt a few spots on the radio dedicated to ‘mental health’. Not long ago, talking about ‘mental health’ at all could still make some people feel uncomfortable, as it wasn’t the norm, and … Continued

Mariel Cruz looks at the many ways that you can resolve a family dispute without recourse to court proceedings. Non-court dispute resolution (also known as alternative dispute resolution) refers to the variety of ways in which you can resolve a family dispute without recourse to court proceedings. We set out below a summary of some … Continued

Ioana Jelea, solicitor in our employment team, explores the recent reports about UK companies failing to pay their workers the national minimum wage (“NMW”) and discusses the legal implications and consequences faced by employers found to be in breach of the legally mandated minimum wage requirement. The UK government has fined more than 200 companies, … Continued

As proud partners of the British Footwear Association, we are excited to share with you an exclusive webinar “Footwear Businesses & the Law”, led by our very own Philip Deja the Managing Partner at Streathers Solicitors. This webinar will help you: Understand the key legal issues that could arise at any stage of your footwear … Continued

Once you have come to the difficult decision that your marriage is over, the next step is to ascertain how the finances will be divided between you and your ex-partner. To do this, you must first figure out what finances there are. What is financial disclosure? Financial disclosure is the process of exchanging information about … Continued

As we all know, the summer holidays can be a stressful time of year for any parent. Childcare, work schedules and holiday plans are but a few of the things that parents must juggle during this time. As a co-parent, the summer holidays can be particularly challenging. However, there are some things that you can … Continued

In a recent US Security and Exchange Commission filing, an increasingly high-profile car manufacturer announced it had bought $1.5 billion in a major digital currency – bitcoin – and that it would in due course accept the currency in payment for its vehicles. A US media outlet also recently reported that digital currency also has … Continued

The commercial lettings market remains in a state of flux. We summarise below some recent developments, relevant for both landlords and tenants, with a particular focus on recovery of rent, turnover leases and company voluntary arrangements (CVAs). Recovery of rent The landlord’s tools to recover rent have been very much blunted by recent legislation. Forfeiture … Continued

‘Government pledges to reform leasehold law to make the system easier and cheaper for leaseholders ‘ The Government’s announcement on 7 January 2021 outlined plans to reform the leasehold system.  It has been on the Government’s radar for quite some time and the recent announcement makes clear that they are beginning to act on recommendations … Continued