Streathers are an ideal choice for small business clients

Small business solicitors

Streathers are an ideal size and type of law firm to advise and assist small businesses. But why do we say this and what do we mean?

For many small business owners, of which there are several million in the UK with turnover of less than £1million a year, finding the right lawyer is difficult. Research and our own experience suggest the reasons for this are :-

  1. Small business owners either can’t afford to or don’t want to use large law firms.
  2. Using a small, very local firm can lead to worries that you are getting advice from someone who is more of a generalist, who doesn’t understand your specific needs, your business or your industry because they haven’t dealt with your need or issue before and aren’t specialists.

Legal fees for small businesses

Seeking professional advice and services is never going to be cheap. The assurance and advantages of good legal advice are many and our clients understand this. What small business owners can struggle with, for good reasons, is proportionality on costs.

Put simply, if a business needs a contract and the value or risk in the contract is perceived as being worth a certain amount of money, the business owner isn’t going to want to spend a disproportionate amount on lawyers fees compared to the contract value and risk.

Talking to us you will find we understand the cost/benefit approach and we will be clear with you about fees.

Specialist legal advice for your small business

A major consideration in finding the right lawyers for your business should be – have these lawyers dealt with a similar situation or need before? Are they experienced and specialist solicitors? In addition to the reassurance provided in getting these questions answered, in choosing a firm and a lawyer within that firm who are specialists, you will almost certainly save money and time and reduce frustration.

Streathers are a mid sized firm with a large number of sme clients. Our size means that we have a good number of lawyers who specialise and lawyers with different levels of specialism, experience and charge out rates. The level of experience you need will depend on how complex and valuable your matter is.

You can find out quickly whether we have the right lawyer for your need by asking us about our specific experience in your business type and the transaction, contract, situation or dispute that you need advice on.

Our services for small business

We regularly advise start up and small business clients on issues and transactions including :-

  • Contract trading terms
  • Shareholder or partnership agreements
  • Employment contract and policies
  • Commercial leases
  • Raising finance
  • Debt Recovery
  • Exploiting and protecting IP

If you are a small business owner looking for a lawyer you can relate to, that charges realistic and proportionate fees, get in contact. As a firm, we are also an ideal choice because as your business grows, we have other specialists to help you with the different challenges and considerations you will face and we have a number of offices in London which make us convenient wherever you are located.

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