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Rebecca Meehan, solicitor in our family team, reflects on how family members and close friends lending money to parties either during or before marriage, could potentially unexpectedly impact their child’s future divorce settlement. It is common that the most substantial asset in a marriage is the family home. In a world where the property ladder … Continued

We are really excited about holding a family, private client and employment law clinic on 21st February at our offices in Baker Street, Hampstead, Highgate and Crouch End. Join us between 4pm and 9pm for a cup of tea or something stronger and have a private 20 minute consultation free of charge with one of … Continued

Sarah Mortimer, solicitor in our Family department in Baker Street, discusses the various co-parenting options for Christmas. Christmas holidays At this time of year, family lawyers spend a lot of time helping clients with arrangements for the Christmas period.  Christmas is an important time for many families in the UK, and agreeing where children should … Continued

Rebecca Meehan provides insights into the implications of the UK government’s rejection of the cohabitation law reform. It is a common misconception that the laws and protections afforded to cohabitees in England and Wales are similar or even a remote reflection of those laws which apply to married couples upon separation. The UK government has … Continued

The Impact of the ‘Cost of Living Crisis’ on Divorce Liz Watson provides insights into the impact of the current cost of living crisis on divorce and tips for separating or divorcing couples to  consider when reaching financial settlements. With prices of energy, fuel and consumer goods rising quicker than the average wage, many families … Continued

Government statistics suggest that in the year 2018 to 2019, 4,5 million leasehold properties existed across England alone, around 20% of the entire housing stock. With ownership of leasehold property comes the competition between the priorities of landlords and tenants:  landlords seek to dispense their obligations under the leases, drawing as their income service charge … Continued

You own a flat and pay your service charges. Your landlord, however, refuses to comply with your request for copies of the building’s insurance certificate. You are now unclear whether the building is insured at all, which leaves you in a precarious position as one of your most valuable assets could be at risk. Furthermore, … Continued