Our expert charity law solicitors advise clients in a diverse range of charities of all types and sizes.

Trust and integrity are central to the success of charitable, not for profit and social enterprise organisations. We share these key values and work with our charity sector clients to provide them with legal protection, as well as ensuring that they can operate to the highest standards.

Our services include:

  • Setting up trusts, companies, charity registration and charitable incorporated organisations for use as charities;
  • Applying for charitable status with the Charities Commission;
  • Advising trustees on their duties and providing advice where charity trustees may have acted improperly;
  • Assisting with charities’ administration and compliance requirements;
  • Specific laws relating to charities and not-for-profits including trading, political activities and fundraising;
  • The legal aspects of public sector relationships;
  • Advice on charity constitutions and other governing documents;
  • A full range of contracts for charities with suppliers and others;
  • Joint ventures and similar types of arrangements and agreements;
  • Data protection;
  • Disputes where gifts have been made to charities in wills or trusts where other beneficiaries are seeking to challenge or contest the provision made;
  • Advice on conflict of interest issues which may arise.

We also provide a full range of legal services for other matters that may affect charities, such as buying and leasing properties, employment matters, legal disputes and company law compliance.

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